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(8-pack) Ceiling / In Wall 8 Hi Quality Speakers

(8-pack) Ceiling / In Wall 8 Hi Quality Speakers

(8-pack) Ceiling / In Wall 8 Hi Quality Speakers    (8-pack) Ceiling / In Wall 8 Hi Quality Speakers

These are ROUND and are for In-Wall or In-Ceiling mounting applications. These speakers feature Movable Tweeters and are very easy to install and wire. Look at the photos below, and be sure to also read the specifications below the photos.

These are Very High Quality speakers. · FEATURES and SPECIFICATIONS: · Color: Brightest White Available, Style: Round Flush Mount · 8 Ohm 125 watts RMS, 250 watt Max (per speaker - that's 2000 watts max power with all 8 units running) · Mica Cone Rubber Edge Woofer with Ferrite Magnet · 1/2 Directional Mylar Dome Tweeter - VERY CRISP AND CLEAR HIGHS · Frequency Response: 50 - 20k Hz lowest bass of any unit I've seen! Great Sound · Cut-out dimensions: 9 3/8" w / 9 3/8" h / 3 1/2 deep (2 cardboard templates included). We thought of everything - if you read our feedback you'll see that we truly care about our customers and strive to treat them as we would want treated ourselves. Being a wholesaler of speakers, we've seen (and sell) them all.

These units sound great and can take the power. That is why this speaker is one of the most installed speakers by home theater professionals in the world.

They are rated 125 watts RMS (250 max), and have a separate 1/2 directional silk dome tweeter for crisp highs up to 20khz. The grills are easily removable and can optionally be painted to match any decor. The woofers are long throw, Mica Cone Rubber Edge surround, which means they can move and reproduce surprisingly high quality bass for their size. Also included are TWO CARDBOARD templates which make cutting the exact size hole in your wall or ceiling both quick, easy, and error-proof. Each speaker has 4 toggle latches (not 3 like most speakers) which securely hold the unit in the wall or ceiling, making it impossible to vibrate out over time. No separate installation package is necessary - everything is included: Just cut the hole with the template, put the speaker in, and the 4 toggle-latches fly out and hold the speaker in. These speakers both perform hold up very well. We've been installing this model for years in both homes and businesses. I mention businesses because of durability. We install these in high-end hotel lounges where sound quality is important but so is durability. We have installations we did 5 years ago with hotels for example, where the speakers run 24/7 and have never had any problems, and sound as good now as they did at installation.

You've got to hear these to believe them. My personal choice for my own home.

(I have them in 5 different rooms). We only sell one speaker model above this one, and most people can NOT benefit from the difference - so for most installations, this is as good as it gets (see the table at the end of this page for more comparison data). When shopping around, look at the specifications. GREAT BASS FOR AN INWALL/CEILING! Common Applications for these speakers : 1 Stereo Sound - Including Whole-House Audio : These speakers are 8-ohm units. This means that you can wire TWO speakers on to each stereo channel without overloading your amplifier. We recommend 4 speakers per room (one each corner) for balanced stereo sound.

This avoids "hot spots" (loud areas). The more speakers per-room the better quality and more dispersed sound (better for entertaining at low volumes). If you wish to use speakers in multiple rooms, see the table below for our Speaker Switching unit. These speakers have GREAT bass and treble response - you will NOT need a subwoofer for great sound. 2 Home Theater Audio - 5.1 or 7.1 surround applications - including the center channel : This 8-pack contains all the speakers you need for a 7.1 sound system, except for the subwoofer.

You can wire two of these to your center channel if you like, or keep the 8th speaker as a spare. You can see the table at the end of this page for our 5-pack speaker listing if you are doing a 5.1 system and not a 7.1. The table also lists other high quality speakers we sell. This speaker is an excellent choice for all five or seven speakers in surround applications - all you need is the subwoofer. These units not only sound 100 times better than commercial speakers, but they look ten times better as well.

And to answer a question we get emailed all the time: Yes they hold up very well. We install these in many high-end restaurants all the time where they operate continuously. I don't sell anything I haven't personally tested, love and continue to use. Read my feedback, not many Sellers maintain a feedback score like mine. This is because I truly care about my customers and put them first. I insure everything I sell. If something goes wrong, from a defective unit, to UPS loosing the package, I'll do all the work to fix it - I won't just give you instructions on how to fix it (I'll do it). It all comes down to the customer here. I'm a Christian and strive to give my best in everything I do.
(8-pack) Ceiling / In Wall 8 Hi Quality Speakers    (8-pack) Ceiling / In Wall 8 Hi Quality Speakers